Do you need a shift in your life? Do you crave physical change? Are you listening to you?


Hi, I’m Hugo Mega and I want to support you with transformative coaching. Imagery therapy and embodiment practices. Join me on an intimate journey of personal development and change.

In collaboration, you can:

Gain clarity about your goals.

Shift your focus into your desires.

Become aware of and clear the obstacles in your life.

– Live your DREAM LIFE!

Find with me a safe and supportive environment for trust, healing and growth.
Curious? Let’s talk about it.


In working with me, you can experience one or the combination of the three avenues of my work.

Transformative Coaching

Let’s get things clear! – Transformative conversations for clarity, learning and progress.

Move it, you will feel better! Yoga and movement classes to connect you to your body.

Embodiment Practices

Imagery Therapy

Learn to see with your eyes closed! A creative approach to healing with imagery therapy.


“The coaching sessions with Hugo were very transformational. Somewhat gentle yet also a breakthrough: I felt guided along a path of self acceptance. I was surprised how much work could be done without too much effort, allowing transformation to happen by just spending time with myself. I recommend this work to everyone who’s looking for tools to go through life in an emotionally mature way.” – Renan M.

Hugo creates classes that are inspiring and moving. His creative sequences will let you travel to places and touch on parts of yourself you had no idea existed. He teaches his students to get in touch with their inner self. Every class taken with Hugo is the opportunity to move deeper while testing what is good for me, and me only. Hugo’s classes are unique, and make you feel unique as well!” – Lucia L.

“I’ve always been curious what dreams are all about. I didn’t imagine just how therapeutic my dreaming could be for me until I worked with Hugo. He opens my dreams revealing deep meanings that divulge my inner truths as well as unveil perspective that helps me with setting my goals. Hugo is a true master in using imagery therapy to bring the experience all together for healing and I find his therapy to be life changing. I would have sought him out so much earlier in my life if I had only known.” – Annabelle M.

Be the change you wish to see around you. By investing in yourself, on your personal growth and your healing, you are actively evolving with and tending to the collective field around you, may that be your family, those close to you, or the bigger context you are a part of.” – Hugo Mega

Hugo is a dedicated life coach, an artistic yogi, a devoted dreamer and a spiritual activist. He is Portuguese and has been based in Brussels for the past decade. Hugo believes fulfilment is a journey of passion and dedication, and is passionate about guiding people seeking transformation, personal growth and a more robust connection to themselves and those around them.




1h Session



10 Session valid for 5 months

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