My curiosity about movement, art, and spirituality has led me down a long path of passionate learning. 

Originally from Portugal, my passion for the arts led me to move to Belgium, where I’ve grown my roots for the past decade. After studying to become a professional dancer and circus artist, I began to question the approach to the body I had been taught: I felt completely disconnected from my body and longed to feel some kind of union. That put me on a beautiful quest to return to myself and to discover my own way to connect my mind to my body and soul. 

In 2013, I became passionate about yoga, finding in this practice a new approach to the body. A year later, I completed my first yoga teacher training with the School of Sacred Arts Bali, becoming a 200h-certified Yoga Alliance teacher. Yyoga, an amazing studio and urban sanctuary in Brussels, became a second home, and I have been teaching there regularly since. 

From an early age I have also been an avid dreamer, and eventually curiosity guided me to the School of Images New York to explore the power of dreams. In 2015, I began my studies of imagery therapy with the Saphire Method®, a registered practice of Dr Catherine Shainberg, Phd. For me, imagery therapy has become more than a healing tool: it is a way of living. 

In 2017, I embraced my passion for astrology and began to study with the Faculty of Astrology, London. ASTRODANCE naturally emerged as healing approach to somatic movement combining the self-discovery of astrology, with Body Mind Centering® and fasciapulsology in Dance.  

In 2018, I stepped into the exciting world of coaching. This passion led me to discover Transformative Coaching with the Coaching Masters Academy and pursue with them the training to become a professional certified coach (PCC level with the ICF- International Coaching Federation). 

Life is a constant path of evolution and growth. What remains constant in my journey is the desire to connect to myself, to my body, to a full presence of being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Growing and constantly maturing this Soul Body Light connection within myself is what inspires and motivates me to guide others on this fulfilling journey of connection to self. Only then can we connect on the same level to others around us. 

This is my mission – guiding this process of union with self – and I wish to support you on your own journey.

Tell me about your Journey! Where are you, and where do you wish to be?

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