Yoga is often translated as “union”. This union generally starts with a connection of movement to breath. It evolves to connect movement and breath practices to philosophical and spiritual concepts. We then use this physical practice to help us understand our behavioural patterns in relation to these concepts. Ultimately all of these practices serve as “preparations”, leading us to meditation, the connection of the “me to myself”, and this self connection to the bigger divine “out there”. 

Yoga unfolds as a path of liberation. Liberating the body to connect to higher and more positive expressions of ourselves. 
Coming from a background of somatic movement practice, I strongly believe that we store our emotions, memories and experiences in the body. Often, we may experience them as disconnection with sensation, as tightness and stiffness, and ultimately as pain. Pain is the physical expression of the body’s call for attention. The more consciously we move our physical body the more we will experience the healing benefits of movement on our mental and emotional bodies

All bodies are unique and need a unique approach to the union that is yoga. Having studied several yoga styles over the past 6 years, and having had more than 10 years of strong physical training in dance and circus through which to develop a deep experiential and theoretical understanding of anatomy, I wish to share with you the best combination of physical practices to bring you to this place of wellbeing. 

The main styles of yoga I teach are Hatha, Vinyasa flow and Yin. In my approach to yoga, I believe in functional alignment – function over aesthetics. Each body’s physical/structural disposition and tendencies are unique (the shape of your bones and how they fit together is unique to you—think of it as your body’s finger print). My goal teaching yoga is to guide you to connect to your body by understanding and respecting its needs, moving in the way that serves your body best. When I teach, I am also strongly inspired by other movement practices such as functional training, Pilates and dance. I believe that the key to a healthy body is diverse and creative movement expression! 

Yoga styles: 

Hatha Yoga – The mother of all modern yoga styles, Hatha yoga is a “static practice”. That means that we hold postures for a longer time, focusing on the breath and specific alignment actions. This is a great style to begin your yoga journey or to deepen your body awareness and physical practice. Tone, stretch and stabilise your body with this slower yet strong style. 

Vinyasa Flow – This dynamic practice is often compared with a wave of movement. In this wave, we combine the traditional postures from Hatha yoga in a constant flow, linking one posture to the next, often with creative and sequential or repetitive movements. While this style is generally a more intense practice having some of the benefits of a cardio workout, it can also be presented as a gentle and softer flow. 

Yin Yoga – This is a passive practice, meaning we let go of our physical engagement and surrender our weight to gravity and breath. Yin yoga aims at relaxing the body by passively holding postures for longer periods of time, generally from 3 to 5 minutes. In doing so, we work on the fluidity and mobility of deeper connective tissues like the fascia, ligaments and joints. This healing modality is often combined with breath awareness and meditative practices. In Yin, we slow down and restore. 

Yin & Yang Yoga – The best of both worlds! This style combines Yin yoga and relaxation with a so called “Yang” style, more active practices like Hatha yoga and Vinyasa. This is one of my favourite approaches to yoga as it offers a broader range of experiences, from active movement to deeper relaxation. A wonderful practice to ease into the day or cool down into the night. 

Prenatal Yoga – During pregnancy, the body goes through one of the most incredible processes of physical transformation. Yoga has been proven by many studies to support this transformation, bringing breath awareness, stabilisation and strengthening, as well as dissolving tensions in the tissues. combine this beautiful physical practice with “dream birth” imagery therapy, a style of active visualization work dedicated to accompanying the journey of childbirth from pre-conception, through pregnancy, labour and birth, connecting mothers to their developing babies. In prenatal yoga, we use these imagery meditations to bond and communicate with your baby while moving and relaxing your body throughout your whole pregnancy.

Acro Yoga – Probably the most playful and fun style of yoga, in acro yoga we connect with one another to explore acrobatic partnerships. Lift someone up in the air and let yourself turn upside down on the hands and feet of your yogi partner. With creative yoga shapes, we fine-tune our listening skills and foster a deeper trust of ourselves and of each other. With both acrobatic and slower therapeutic practices inspired by Thai massage, this style opens up a beautiful work of partnership.   

Are you ready to connect your body?
Let’s define together the best movement plan and yoga style combination to fulfil your needs.

In each private session, you will receive an original yoga class fully catered to you, your goals and your body’s needs. You will also learn shorter sequences to continue practicing and connecting to your body between our sessions.

Would you like to bring yoga to work?
If yoga makes you feel so peaceful and connected, imagine sharing that feeling with your whole team. Yoga at work eases tensions, reduces group stress, and improves bonds and connection to your colleagues while promoting a generally healthier working environment.

“Hugo creates classes that are inspiring and moving. His creative sequences will let you travel to places and on touch parts of yourself you had no idea existed. He teaches his students to get in touch with their inner self.
Every class taken with Hugo is the opportunity to move deeper while testing what is good for me, and me only. 
Hugo’s classes are unique, and make you feel unique as well!” – Lucia L.

“It has been a privilege for me to share yoga practice with Hugo for several years now. His yoga is the yoga of careful sequencing, deep breath and individual attention. He is a teacher who offers a practice that is never the same. A practice that challenges your body and your mind. We tend to get stuck in our ways. We go to a Vinyasa class and we kind of know what to expect. We go to a Hatha class and we never even realise that the mind has set its patterns. How liberating it is to have a teacher who sees practice every time anew – deconstructing and building anew. A teacher who does the work and then lets it go. A teacher who does not cling, who starts every practice afresh. A teacher who sees the wood and the trees at the same time. A teacher who is present. A teacher who skilfully trains the heart.” – Teodora M.

Hugo’s class has always been a profound cure. It is an interesting combination of physical and mental expansion. Hugo is a very bright and intelligent person and always curious to discover more about the human body and everything related to what surrounds it. His lessons helped me a lot to maintain my flexibility, to explore more physical possibilities and to gain interesting and constructive tools for how to protect my body from injuries. A wonderful soul that offers a deep and quite challenging yoga class!” – Aimilios P.

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