Embark on a creative healing experience.

Imagery therapy* puts our left and right brain – the rational and the creative parts of ourselves– in communication. It plays with images from the subconscious mind to foster a deeper connection to ourselves, and especially to the parts of ourselves which lay unknown.
Our night dreams are strong examples of what is going on in our subconscious mind. The content of our different types of dreams—for example nightmares, repetitive, busy, or pleasant dreams—reveals what we are experiencing, even if we are unaware of it on the level of the conscious mind. 
The sequential images we witness, may they come in our night dreams, our waking or day dreams, or even during everyday thoughts and projections: all of these, in imagery therapy, qualify as dreams. Whatever we are currently experiencing becomes, in a way, our reality, may this take the shape of a beautiful dream or a nightmare. 

All our images/dreams contain information—an image in a form—and hold an energy. This energy is coloured by our emotions—energy in motion. Imagery therapy addresses these images by creating a shift, moving the energy that is stuck in a particular form. By interacting with our imagery, we create an energetic movement whose effects radiate out from the physical body. 
In imagery therapy we use short exercises—guided visualisations—to look into the present moment’s emotion. From the images that emerge, we start to understand what from the past or the future is there on in subconscious mind, separating us from the present.

Being in the present moment has never been so hard: we are constantly stimulated by our past and everyone’s future.
Use this practice to return to yourself and transform your current situation:
– find healing through attending to your night dreams;
– honour and understand your own needs;
– connect with and listen to your intuition;
– address unresolved feelings from the past;
– recognise and dissolve existing patterns;
– improve your relationship to yourself and others;
– increase your creativity by stimulating your imagination;
– support your own projects and move forward freely with confidence.

I am eager to guide and empower you on your journey. Let’s talk about it and find out if Imagery Therapy is the best way for you. Book a FREE 20 minute chemistry meeting now!

Imagery Therapy is a one-on-one, 60 minutes session, available both online and in-person. 

How can we work with Imagery?

Imagery Session – Similarly to transformative coaching, these sessions unfold around a conversation. We will work with your desired goals, looking at them from the perspective of your subconscious mind. We do so through short imagery exercises, each one meant to start a healing movement within you that will in turn support the unfolding of your intentions around you. Each exercise is like an interactive guided meditation: your images respond to my questions, and together we design a successful course of action. In this way, you can use imagery to turn your dreams into a lived reality.

Dream opening – Our night dreams convey the most honest messages from our subconscious mind. These messages are indicative and reflective of what is going on, within and around us, while we are awake. We can look at night dreams as informative letters.
Each dream we don’t pay attention to is the equivalent to a letter thrown away unopened.
With dream opening, we use night dreams as tools for healing. This interpretive practice unfolds the meaning of dreams, fostering a deeper understanding of who we are and what we are navigating while awake.

Dream Birth – We can look at our projects as our babies: they need a spark of life, an embryonic gestational period, and a push to manifest in reality.
Dream birth is a perfect tool to support you with what you wish to birth into your life. Originally created to support midwives and doulas, this practice is designed to support you at any stage of “pregnancy”, from pre-conception, to gestation, labour and birth. However there is an amazing correlation of the biological process with the creative process, they both start at the level of our subconscious mind. Discover what stands in the way of you and the perfect birth of your child, or the accomplishment of your next project. Dream birth will accompany you the whole way from co-creation to manifesting your Dreams.

*Imagery therapy, dream opening and dream birth use the Saphire® Method from The School of Images NY – a registered trademark of Dr. Catherine Shainberg, Phd.

“I’ve always been curious what dreams are all about. I didn’t imagine just how therapeutic my dreaming could be for me until I worked with Hugo. He opens my dreams revealing deep meanings that divulge my inner truths as well as unveil perspective that helps me with setting my goals. Hugo is a true master in using imagery therapy to bring the experience all together for healing and I find his therapy to be life changing. I would have sought him out so much earlier in my life if I had only known.” – Annabelle M.

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