Transformative Coaching

Transformative coaching is a revolutionary conversation!  

Let yourself be guided away from the superficial layers of “goal-to-result” thinking, towards what truly matters to you. This coaching approach stimulates reflective thinking and expands your capacity for awareness. Experience being heard on a deeper level and open up to a greater clarity, understanding what motivates you to either engage or hold back from your desired goal.

This learning process provides you with a perspective that allows for you to chose what is the best course of action that will lead you to your fulfilment. 

With this transformative approach we can addresses specific personal projects as well as transitions in your life, personal growth, relationships, or professional development. 

Each person is unique and so is the journey towards success and happiness.

I am eager to guide and empower you on this journey. Let’s talk about it and find out if coaching is for you. Book a FREE 20 minute chemistry meeting now!

Transformative coaching is a one-on-one, 60 minutes session, available both online and in person. 

What is transformative coaching?

Transformative coaching is a coaching methodology developed by the renowned Coaching Masters Academy. Their unique approach is based on the principals of positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, and advanced adult learning theories. The combination of these fields provides deep impact and promotes sustainable change, truly an inside-out coaching experience.

“With the gentle yet clear guidance of Hugo’s questions and image-based visualisations, I arrive to a sense of clarity towards what are my needs and where I am creating limitations to meeting them. Thanks to this calm and supportive conversation, I am reminded of what I carry within me, but that I wasn’t able to notice or name. It is a very empowering and centering experience.” – Peter S.

“In the sessions we did together, I felt like I stepped into a new space. A place where I am free to examine, think and evaluate my emotions. No judgment, just acknowledgment. Working together, I felt guided to learn how to step into this new place, where I could find my own way to address what I needed. I feel empowered to find that everything I need is within me. Sometimes we just need help finding the way in.” – Maya K.

“I find Hugo’s energy calming and appeasing. During our sessions, I felt he was fully present with me. I really enjoyed how he listened and paused, allowing me to go deeper into my reflections. That was new for me. With his attention,  Hugo is able to bring out the answers I already have within me” – Gert M.

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